Tuesday, November 1, 2011

La Aurora BME Brazil

LA AURORA B.M.E. BRAZIL from Miami Cigars

Today I chose to smoke a LA AURORA B.M.E. BRAZIL. It is a mostly Dominican cigar with a Brazilian wrapper. The binder is Dominican Corojo and the filler is a mix of Dominican Corojo, Ligero, Nicaraguan and Peruvian leafs. This should make for an interesting and tasty blend. The size I have chosen is a Toro. The dimensions are 6.5 inches long by 54 ring which I think will be a good size to sample.
I am lighting the cigar with a piece of cedar and as I take my first draw the blend is very unique. It is unique in the sense that it tastes like no other La Aurora I have ever had before. I can immediately taste the Ligero and that is a pleasant taste for me. The draw is awesome even though it is a tight rolled cigar and has a hard feel to it. The smoke emanating from the end is a bluish gray and the burn is o.k.. It has started off as a medium bodied cigar and is promising to be a good smoke. Draw after draw it gets to be more and more ligero flavored. About a third of the way in the ligero is being accompanied by a slight taste of Corojo and is making the smoke ever so enjoyable. The burn has not worked as well as I thought it would. It’s good but not even and is making me wonder if I should relight it to even the burn. I’m into the halfway point and I have to keep reminding myself that I’m smoking a La Aurora. This cigar is awesome in flavor and making me rethink all the things I have ever said about this company. In the past I thought they were tasteless and extremely light but this is a totally different animal. At two thirds the strength and flavor has stayed consistent ant the burn has completely evened out. This is a pleasure to smoke. The draw is as good as when it started and the ligero flavor is making my mouth water for more. This cigar has taken me by complete surprise and has turned out to be a gem of a smoke.
The LA AURORA B.M.E. BRAZIL is a great smoke and I recommend that if you like a ligero smoke or are looking for something new to try this or buy a box and keep it for your special friends. If this smoke is this good I can’t wait to try the others. They come with different wrappers Brazil, Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Ecuador. If the others taste as good, I’m in for a treat.

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