Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7-20-4 by Kurt Kendall Dog Walker

7-20-4 by Kurt Kendal

The 7-20-4 is a cigar that has got a Brazilian Matafina wrapper accompanied by a Costa Rican binder and filler containing Nicaraguan, Honduran, Mexican, and Columbian long leaf. This size is called the dog walker as it measures 4.5 inches long by a 48 ring making it truly a short walk cigar.

Even though it’s called a dog walk cigar it’s just too cold out to walk so I will be enjoying this in my nice warm smoking room. The 7-20-4 is a nice smoke. Lighting it in my customary way of using a piece of cedar, I draw on the little stick. With no disappointment, the cigar sparks to life giving me memories of its big brothers. With every draw the pepper and cedar mix well on my palette. This stick, as with the others, is a pleasure to smoke. Consistently drawing well due to the excellent construction I have admired since I first started smoking 7-20-4’s. Halfway through the smoke and flavor is as consistent as when it began. The ash is a nice solid gray and lasted half the smoke. The expelled smoke is filling the air and making me glad to be alone in my fortress of solitude. As I get to the nub I take out my trusty tweezers and start to suck down the remnants of the little smoke that did.

The Kurt Kendall 7-20-4 dog walker is exactly that, if you like a 7-20-4 and don’t want to waste a bigger one, then this cigar is for you. My expectations of this cigar were happily matched to my realization that this is a great smoke. I feel this cigar won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for a shorter timed smoke. Kurt Kendall has the blend down to a savory science and will leave you with a great admiration for his products…

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