Monday, February 20, 2012



The Big Juicy is a cigar put out by Drew Estates under the Acid Natural line. It is the big brother of the Juicy Lucy and measures 6x52. The Big Juicy is a flavor infused cigar and is not normally something I smoke.

After preparing my palette by having a snort of Hennessey I light the infused cigar with my standard method of using a piece of cedar to light this hopefully tasty treat. At first the flavor is sweet and more than what I expected. The initial flavor is that of mint and sweetness of sugar. The stick is very well constructed and the burn is even. The ash is a light grey and the draw is easy. About half way down the sweetness is not as overpowering as when it began but the mint taste is still dominating the experience. I can’t say I’m really enjoying the smoke but I also don’t smoke infused cigars much. At 2 thirds gone the mint has dissipated and the smoke is a little more manageable. The Acid Natural line is not my cup of tea. The strength threw out is light but I believe it is due to my inexperience of smoking these type of cigars.

The BIG JUICY is a smoke I would recommend to anyone who enjoys the ACID line. The sweetness and infused flavor is not for me but it might be for someone who enjoys a flavored light tasting cigar…



Robusto 5x50

This nicely constructed stick is the second attempt from Carrillo to try to impress my palette. This stick has a natural looking wrap that compliments the solidly pack.

I light my cigar in normal fashion using cedar. The first draw has a taste of nut and a little oak flavor. The burn is even and the draw is loose. The stick is burning well producing a thick layer of smoke and an aroma that has people asking what that is. At the halfway point the strength has stayed at a medium feeling and is a pleasant experience. Now with 2/3 gone the smoke has stayed very consistent and has been a pleasure to smoke. The end of this “job” is making me wish that the smoke was longer and I’m wishing I had gotten a Toro instead of a robusto.

The DON RUBINO is a good smoke . I recommend getting the 4 pack to try all the different wrappers.


This cigar was a completely new product to me. An interesting blend with a Connecticut shade wrapper and a size that is good for a tasting,

Lighting my cigar with my usual process of using a piece of cedar I draw in my first taste of this well constructed stick. I notice a hint of cedar and a little nut flavoring telling me that this might be a gem in the rough. The light shade wrap is giving me the impression that this cigar is going to be light but I will keep an open mind.

At halfway the strength has stayed consistently light and the cedar flavor has taken over and is making for a good smoke. The ash came off about 1 third of the way but it has burned even and not to hot. The ash is the color of a grey storm cloud and the plumes of white smoke fill the lounge.

With 2/3 gone the strength has picked up a bit and is leaving me to classify this as a light to medium smoke. The usual taste of green I get from most lightly wrapped cigars is not present and leads me to believe that this company has the right blend down to compliment the lighter wrap.

The NEW WAVE CONNECTICUT BRILLANTES is a good cigar for someone that smokes an ARTURO FUENTE or an Ashton. I recommend that if you want to try this cigar that you get, if available, the 4 pack sampler…