Sunday, November 6, 2011



The Black Market by Alec Bradley ....the Interent has been burning with buzz on how good this cigar is so I have finally got one to try. The Black Market is an attractive cigar and looks to be excellently constructed. The composition of this cigar is a wrapper consisting of Nicaraguan broadleaf, a Sumatra binder, and Panamanian / Honduran filler. I will be smoking a Toro and if this is as good as the reports say then it will be a treat.

Using a nice piece of cedar I light my cigar with care and ease. The first thing I notice is the excellent draw and the ease that the cigar works on my taste buds. The flavor is a little leathery due to the Sumatra binder. The next thing I taste is a little spice and pepper mixed with a little woodsy flavor making for an interesting blend. The strength of this stick is medium and I am having no problem inhaling with each draw. The smoke is forming a nice plume and the ash has a nice deep gray appearance. Smoke filling the room is leaving a nice aroma and the cigar is going down smooth.

At a third of the way down the ash is still attached and is solid to the touch. The smoothness of this smoke is giving me an awesome smoking experience and I want this to never end. Now I’m at the halfway point and a nice flavor or caramel has taken over making a terrific change and giving my senses a totally new outlook on this cigar. The high regards that this cigar has gotten is well deserved and makes me wonder why any one would want to compare this with any other Alec Bradley. Getting down to a little past two thirds gone and the flavor is still right there and shows no sign of letting go. When I got to the nub I started to use my tweezers and smoked it until there was nothing left to hold on too. This cigar never went ashy even when that was all that was left. This was an amazing treat and I can’t wait until the next time I get one!!

The BLACK MARKET by ALEC BRADLEY is one of the best cigars I have ever had. I HIGHLY recommend this cigar to any one who is looking for a smoke to knock your socks off. I plan on asking Santa for a box for Christmas and hope he is listening right now! I can’t say enough about this cigar and hope everyone’s experience is as good as mine. Buy one or buy a box you won’t be disappointed…

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