Tuesday, November 1, 2011

American Classic Blend by Alec Bradley


On to my next choice the AMERICAN CLASSIC BLEND by ALEC BRADLEY. This cigar has a Honduran Connecticut wrapper with a Sumatra binder. Its filler is a blend of Panamanian and Honduran leafs, which will make for an interesting smoke. I will be smoking my favorite size, the Gordo, which should give me a long smoke. Alec Bradley has been right on with the blends lately so this should be interesting.

Taking my usual piece of cedar and lighting the monster I notice the awesome draw and medium strength right away. The first initial draw gives me memories of the family blend D3 which is my favorite of that blend. The blend has a nice taste of hazelnut with a slight woodsy flavoring. The exhaling smoke is thick and very white. The combination of the draw and burn allows the cigar to progress quicker than I initially thought it would. The ash is a nice dark gray and is very sturdy showing the excellent construction of the cigar. This stick is very consistent in its taste, no change over and evenly dancing across my taste buds. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cigar that hasn’t had a lot of complexity and it’s a nice change. At a third gone, the ash has finally fell off and the cherry red end is showing in all its glory. The burn is still great and the draw is consistently staying the same. With the glass of bourbon I have, the cigar is a good match. At the halfway point the cigar is still going strong and has not changed of in any way. The flavor has stayed the same along with the strength. The simplicity of this blend is surprising me and leaving me not to want this to end. As I get to the nub I pick up a slight spiciness but not very noticeable. The spice is a pleasant slight change and it has caused me to get my tweezers out to see if it gets any stronger as I finish. With the tweezers, I can hold it with less than a quarter of inch left and the spicy change has not taken over. This has been a quite enjoyable smoke.

The AMERICAN CLASSIC BLEND is a good everyday smoke. I can’t think of anything wrong with this cigar. If you’re looking for a consistent non challenging everyday smoke this is for you. The blend is straight forward and it has an excellent draw. Keeping a box on hand would be a smart idea and always leave you with a smile when you’re done smoking it!

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