Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CAO Brazilia Cigar Review

CAO Brazilia
5 x 56
Wrapper: BrazilBinder: NicaraguaFiller: Nicaragua

Tonight I'm feeling good about my cigar review. I love maduros, I love big flavors and I'm lighting up a CAO Brazilia Gol. The exterior is very smooth, with the cap so finely cut it looks to be one with the cigar. Very nice aesthetically- the wrapper color is dark as pitch, leading me to wonder if this has been colored rather than naturally fermented- no worry though it's slow and easy from CAO, all naturally fermented.

I'm happily impressed that this cigar is as smooth as any I've smoked, and that's right from the outset. I'm pleasantly surprised that there is no bitterness from the torch lighter and it quickly rounded out to a nice full ember. It remains smooth and lacking bite but I must add it is not lacking taste- I consider this a full-bodied smoke. The burn continues even and cylindrical. The ash is typical, nothing to report other than its salt and pepper appearance.

When I really want to taste a cigar I use a smoker's technique to inhale through my mouth but exhale thru my nose, I find its one of the best ways to fully experience the power of a cigar. I immediately pick up a few characteristics in the smoke that weren't apparent before. Mainly I taste a cedary wood in the smoke, the smoke is very cool and not burning my nose. My next taste is a sweetness which adds to my enjoyment.
I'm at the half way point and can find nothing but pure cigar enjoyment here. The sweetness is more "caramely" that before. Hats off to the blender of this cigar, it tastes the same 2/3 smoked as it did at the beginning. I never had to relight this -as I often do smoking at work, and I have been rewarded with cool, tasty, cigar pleasure.

Pick this up for a very nice cigar.