Wednesday, November 23, 2011



The Tatuaje 7th Capa especial Sumatra is another great product from Pete Johnson. The same excellence that this company has shown through the years in other lines shows in this cigar. The 7th Capa is a great smoke but this will be the first time that I’ve tried the Sumatra wrapper in this blend. Paired with the unique Sumatra wrapper is a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan filler making for a medium to full smoke. The master of all masters Don Pepin Garcia has blended this cigar so I know I won’t be disappointed.

With my ritualistic lighting of my stick with a piece of cedar I begin to draw. The beginning taste is no surprise a black pepper flavor accompanied by a nice spiciness that makes my tongue tingle. The burn and draw are as expected and leave no mistake that this is a Tatuaje cigar. The strength has started off medium but I know that further on it will change to something more to my usual strength. As I move a little further in I pick up an ever so slight taste of oak and I am pleasantly surprised.

About a third of the way in the pepper and spice has evened out and is now beginning to change to a little stronger cigar. The thick white plumes of smoke are starting to fill the lounge and I am really glad I choose this stick to smoke this afternoon. The construction is awesome and the ash shows no signs of faltering.

As I pass the halfway point the cigar is starting to show me that I wasn’t wrong. The strength has moved almost totally to full and the flavoring has regulated to smooth tasting pepper and spice. The ash is still there and shows no sign of flaring or falling off.

I had to do some local driving so I decided to smoke along the way. The cigar is wonderful and is no longer changing. It has become what I had suspected a full bodied smoke but extremely smooth. Without skipping a beat I have now thoroughly smoked the gem to the nub. The Don Pepin blended TAT 7th Sumatra has left me wanting more and I will sorely miss the pure enjoyment of it.

The TATUAJE 7th CAPA ESPECIAL SUMATRA is an excellent smoke. I highly recommend this cigar to anyone and especially to TATUAJE smokers. Try it I guarenty you won’t be disappointed… BUY A BOX FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! I will be receiving gifts at Rocky’s if any one feel the Christmas spirit and I will share…

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