Tuesday, November 8, 2011

La Aurora BME Nicaragua


The La Aurora B.M.E. Nicaraguan is the second in the line that I have tried. A mix of a Nicaraguan wrapper with a Dominican Corojo binder and filler containing Dominican Corojo, Ligero, Nicaraguan and Peruvian leaves will make for an adventurous undertaking. We will see if this cigar lives up to its brother, the Brazil.

Ceremonially lighting my piece of cedar and warming the foot, I take my first couple of puffs. The flavor is a little surprising in that it is starting off with a oak seasoning. It’s a little rough in the back of my throat and is giving me memories of a Perdomo Lot 23. I think it’s the mix of Corojo and the Nicaraguan broadleaf wrapper that is sending my taste buds into a tizzy. The draw is good and it is burning evenly. About a third of the way in, the change from oak to a peppery Ligero is very welcome. The change over is smooth and is making me rethink how this cigar smokes. The construction of the stick is also very reminiscent of the Lot 23. It holds the ash well and is a solidly packed cigar. The more I draw, the spicier it gets. The Ligero is definitely taking over and this cigar is evolving into a tasty treat. At half way, it is definitely living up to the B.M.E. name and has become a pleasure of a smoke. The almost white ash is smooth and fluffy and the expelled smoke is slowly thickening in the room. The ease at the way this draws makes the smoke more enjoyable and gives me the feeling of contentment as I sit here in my smoking chair. When I get to the nub, I realize that the Ligero taste is starting to dissipate and instead of getting out my tweezers I decided to end this on a high note.

The LA AURORA B.M.E. NICARAGUAN is a good smoke and I recommend that if you like a Perdomo or a spicy cigar like a La Flor Dominicana, this is the cigar for you. This is a medium to full bodied smoke depending where your taste and experience lies. Enjoy…

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