Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The latest cigar by Montecristo is the New York Edition. It is a full Dominican cigar Dominican filler, binder, and wrapper all grown in the Dominican Republic. The cigar is box press with a 54 ring and is 6 inches long.

The MONTECRISTO NEW YORK is going to be interesting to smoke because it’s not my normal blend. I tend to enjoy Nicaraguan full bodied smokes and quite honestly most full bodied Dominicans don’t live up to expectations. So in my slowly becoming popular lighting with a piece of cedar, I warm the entire cigar and begin to draw in the essence of this stick. The first thing I notice is a spicy sensation on my lips teasing my sense of what I am smoking. The strength is more than what I have been expecting from a Dominican and is a pleasant surprise. The draw is good but the burn is uneven and still reminds me that I’m smoking a Montecristo. Have to relight it to even the burn is disappointing and is taking away from the pleasure of sitting back and truly enjoying the flavor. Not even a third of the way through the ash has ended up in my lap and has slightly annoyed me. With the construction of a box press the ash usually stays attached longer than a third and is a sturdy stick. The flavor is still good and my willingness to put the construction to the side is starting to outweigh the disappointment that is forming because of the ash issue. At the halfway point the ash is small but the flavor has picked up and is making for a tasty smoke. The boldness has evened out and is becoming smoother making for a pleasant experience. I have gotten a drink of Jameson to test the virility of being able to enjoy it in a true lounge setting and it seems to compliment it well. At a third left the flavor is still dominating the smoke and the lack of construction is not playing into the equation anymore. The burn has completely evened out and the plumes of white smoke are steadily becoming the atmosphere in the lounge. Getting to the nub the stick has started to become a slight bit bitter and I think I will stop so I don’t ruin my experience anymore.

The MONTECRISTO NEW YORK is a good full bodied smoke. If you take out the construction issues of the stick and just go on flavor and strength it is a thoughly enjoyable smoke. If you like a La Flor Dominicana or anything else with spice I recommend trying this as long as you can handle the poor construction you will enjoy it…

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