Monday, November 28, 2011


The P.D.R. Capa Habano is the latest addition to the Pinar Del Rio line. It is a Dominican Habano wrapped cigar with an Ecuadorian binder and a Nicaraguan filler. This will be an interesting review being as though I personally haven’t been huge fan of PDR yet, however, Abe Florez has built a huge following for this brand. I am always happy to try a new blend...and I hope to be impressed.

Smoking in the cigar lounge tonight I start my ritualistic lighting of my cedar to first warm my cigar then lighting the foot I initiate the smoking experience. It has a good light and burn. The initial flavor that catches my taste is cedar and a little pepper. The pepper is leaving a remains on my tongue but not enough to stop me from analyzing this cigar. Then cigar construction is appealing but I notice right away the ash is less than desirable. I enjoy he look of a sturdy ash. The ash has fallen off three times since the light and I’m only a third into it. The flavor however is staying consistent and is a redeeming feature of this smoke.

At the halfway point the smoke has picked up a little spiciness and is still tasting good. The strength is medium bodied and is staying that way. With the cigar mostly gone the cigar taste wise has been one of the better tasting PDR’s but I wish to see these cigars hold their ash. It's just my preference.

The PDR Capa Habano 1878 will be enjoyed by someone who likes any of the other Pinar Del Rio blends.

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