Tuesday, December 20, 2011



The next new KRISTOFF is the COROJO LIMITADA. This cigar is almost a puros Nicaraguan cigar. The wrapper is Nicaraguan Corojo with a Nicaraguan Habano binder. This is followed by a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler. This should be an interesting smoke.

In my ritualistic lighting of my cigar I begin to draw on my stick. The overwhelming flavor is the Nicaraguan corojo and is a nice pleasant surprise being that I don’t smoke too many Corojo wrapped cigars. The smoke has started out very smooth and has a touch of pepper and toasted nut giving a smooth taste to the cigar. The construction of the stick is nothing less than what I have become to expect from this great company. Even burn and nice ash close out the points on which this cigar is constructed. I am really enjoying this smoke and have lost track of time. At the halfway point I am totally relaxed and I rest easy thinking of how I could easily sell this cigar. The experience of this smoke is right up there with the Liga Privada and the La Serina, although completely different tasting smokes they are all in the same class. With the cigar down to a third left I’ve decided to take out my tweezers and attempt to smoke it all the way through. At the end of this smoke I’m prepared to buy a box and maybe buy one for a gift…



The first of the 2 new Kristoff cigars is the GC MADURO. This line is named for Kristoff owner Glen Case, one heck of a cigar man. His namesake cigar consists of a Brazilian Maduro wrapper, a Honduran binder and filler containing Dominican and Honduran leaf. I will be smoking my favorite size a 6x60.

The night starts with a warming of the entire stick and then ceremonial act of lighting my cigar with my trusty piece of cedar. The first initial flavor to hit my palette is sharp spice of the Maduro. This is accompanied by chocolate and espresso. The burn and draw are excellent and showing me why this cigar has the reputation it does. One of flavor, quality, and consisitency.
As I get one third of the way in the spice has evened out and is allowing the surrounding flavors to take off. The smoke is very smooth for a Maduro and is very enjoyable. At the halfway point the smoke has become an awesome experience. The ash is intact and the burn is even and consistent.
The taste has stayed the same and is making me want more to keep in my humidor. The ash is a consistent grey and the plume of smoke is almost an Ivory color. With a third left the smoke is still very enjoyable and is making me wish it would never end…

The KRISTOFF GC MADURO is an excellent smoke and would be most enjoyed with a nice glass of Glen Livet. I highly recommend that you run out and try one if you can…



The CRUZADO DANTES by ILLUSION CIGARS is a cigar that consists of a Nicaraguan criollo wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder. The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran broadleaf. I’ve never had an Illusion before so this will be a true test…

With an empty cigar lounge because its 9 am I’ve decided to smoke this uninterrupted and give it my full attention. Taking the time to wet my cigar down then warm it with a lit piece of cedar, then warm the foot and begin to draw on the stick I get a true first taste of this first time smoke. The flavor I first taste is a hint of toasted nut and nutmeg. This is a pleasant and new taste and it is giving me a new experience. The construction is good with a firm wrap and an attractive appearance.

About a third of the way in the cigar has picked up a slight spiciness and a peppery flavor. The burn is great and the ash is solid grey even though the ash is small. The plume of exhaled smoke is filling the quiet lounge and I’m wishing there was someone here to share the experience with. The stick is a mix in strength between medium and full depending on your palette. At the halfway point the taste and strength has completely smoothed out and has become almost creamy.

The construction has held up and is very impressive. As I get to a third left the spiciness has picked up and is a nice change. The changeover has been gradual and smooth. The stick has been a pleasure to smoke and I’m ready to say that I will smoke this again…

The CRUZADO DANTES by ILLUSION is a good smoke if you are looking for something new and are willing to smoke a good product. This gem is something I would give a friend if they wanted to enjoy a nice medium to full bodied smoke…

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Along with the Liga Undercrown Drew Estates this year released another cigar and it’s called MY UZI WEIGHS A TON. The UZI is a formidable stick in that it only comes in a 60 ring.

The UZI for this review is the size that I like, 6 inch by 60 ring. As with every review I light my stick with a piece of cedar as to keep the flavor true, and then draw in my first mouth full of smoke. The flavor right away takes me by surprise. I was expecting to have the same taste of a Liga but the first thing that comes to mind is an oak flavoring followed by chocolate. Accompanying these flavors is a slight spiciness and is telling me that this is a completely different direction that Drew Estates is taking. The draw and burn are excellent and the white plumes of smoke are slowly taking over the atmosphere in the lounge.

As I get a third of the way in the ash is attached showing no signs of faltering. The solid white ash is thick and its only contrast is the red glow of the cherry when I draw off the stick. At the halfway point the taste has stayed the same but the spicy flavor is a little more apparent. Also the ash is still attached and is showing off its great construction.

The experience of smoking a totally new blend for Drew Estates is always an adventure and never a letdown. With a third left the spiciness is consistently getting more dominate and is making my mouth water for more. I really don’t want this to end and probably won’t.

The UZI is one of the better smokes I have enjoyed this year. Drew Estates once again has not let me down and is making great strides into the non-infused market. So with a smile on my face and burnt finger, from smoking it too short, I give this new cigar realistic thumbs up and say if you can get them buy them by the box… thick smoke and long ashes…