Thursday, April 5, 2012

La Flor Dominicana Factory Press


The LFD factory press will be an interesting smoke. It’s been a while since I have smoked any La Flor so it should be interesting. The La Flor factory press is a Ligero wrapped smoke that in the past was a mainstay in my humidor until the Liga Privada came out and changed the way I perceived what a Ligero cigar to taste.

Starting the procedure of lighting my cigar with a piece of cedar I draw in my first of many mouthfuls of smoke. The flavor greets me like an old dear friend and the aroma gives me flashbacks of years past. The plume of white smoke fills the air and is making my air filtration system work overtime. The only tough part is getting used to the flatness of the press; a factory press as opposed to a box press is a tighter press and gives the cigar a ridged edge (corners). At the halfway point the stick is still enjoyable and the ash has just fallen off. The taste of the subtle Ligero is still noticeable and leaving me wanting more. With more than 2/3 gone the cigar is starting to heat up and now has reduced me to put it out due to the factory press it seemed to warm up faster.

THE LA FLOR DOMINICANA FACTORY PRESS is a descent smoke but it takes a little time to get used to the flatness of the stick. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys smoking a box press so light up and enjoy…