Tuesday, November 22, 2011



The 601 La Bomba is the latest endeavor by the joint venture of EO and Rocky Patel. This cigar is a complete Nicaraguan creation from the Nicaraguan Habano wrapper followed by a Nicaraguan binder and a complete Nicaraguan blend. This smoke should be quite enjoyable.

In my traditional ceremony of lighting my cigar with a piece of cedar I first warm the foot and get the venture underway. At my first draw I’m hit immediately with a nice spicy flavor with a slight peppery distinctiveness. The draw and burn is exactly what I expected from the great Patel construction and it is starting the smoke with great pleasure. The spicy flavor is reminds me of a La Flor Dominicana DL and is a nice change of approach for this awesome cigar company. For the first time since my exile from the metropolises I am enjoying a cigar bar and loving the experiences. A third of the way through I’m getting asked “what is that great smelling cigar?” and it’s my pleasure to respond “it’s a rocky”. Due to the construction of this gem the ash is still attached and is sturdy and a dark shade of gray. At the half way point the taste and flavor is as consistent as when I first lit it. The ash is still attached and I’m exhaling great plumes of white smoke. The aroma has now filled the cigar bar and brought many smiles to peoples faces. With two thirds gone the change over, if you want to call it that, has become a little more spicy and I will most likely smoke this until there is nothing left. After I’m down to the nub I realize I don’t have my trusty tweezers and substitute a tooth pick. At the end I smoiked the ash right through past the safe point and finish with nothing left but ash!!

The 601 LA BOMBA is one of the best 601’s or ROCKY PATEL blended cigars I have ever had the pleasure to smoke. I recommend this cigar to anyone who likes Rocky or a spicy cigar. This cigar was an AWESOME smoke and a pleasure to review. Go out and buy a box. You won’t regret it!!!!

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