Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday's Best- Camacho SLR Maduro

A Sunday mid-morning smoke was in order and my choice was to return to an old favorite to give myself an update on the new look Camacho SLR Maduro Rothchild.
I smoked this cigar in the company three regulars enjoying their morning at Rocky’s smoking cigars and talking SU sports including the current lacrosse season, the new-look football program and the finality of the just ended basketball season. The local paper was full of articles on all three topics so the four of us were informed and dangerous….me armed with my Camacho SLR Maddy.

In appearance the wrapper was smoother than I recall from previous sticks, I noticed only one conspicuous vein rising up to be felt in my finger tips. This exterior was definitely not oily, or shiny. The flat color is typical of its wrapper, a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro- a traditional leaf for a maduro cigar. At 4 ½ x 50 the size was typical for a Rothchild.

My cut today was a double V-cut giving the head of my cigar the look of a cross snipped in.
The cigar lit easily, the foot took the flame evenly and a beautiful white/grey ash began to develop and the burn started out perfect. In terms of taste at this point I had a note of bitterness, but I felt this was from the hot ignition and I was pleased to note the bitterness quickly faded after about a ½ inch. The firm white ash that developed was a pleasant surprise. It was over 2 inches before it fell, dropping its eye pleasing white/ grey mass into my ashtray, leaving behind a hot ember end that was ready to start a new accumulation.

Through out the next 45 minutes we sparred over coaches, players, next year and this year. All the while I enjoyed a balanced full flavor of this cigar with at times tastes of cedar, and licorice. The end of this cigar was a bit disappointing as it became overly bitter and I decided not to nub this one. Perhaps this was the result of my V-cut causing the juices to build up at the head. At any rate this was as good a cigar as I remember and I look forward to smoking a few more of these new look Camachos.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Scotch on the Rocky

I was fortunate to have Mike Glynn (owner of Rocky's Cigars) ask me do a scotch and cigar review for his new blog. I picked the scotch and Mike picked the cigar. I chose Balvenie single malt scotch and Mike suggested that I combine that with Rocky Patel's Decade 10th Anniversary cigar. I was pleased with his suggestion because I am a big fan of Rocky Patel cigars and have not tried the Decade yet.

I decided to sample the scotch and the cigar individually then together to get a better feel for their individual flavors and then how they might compliment each other. This is what I found:

The Scotch

Belvenie Doublewood
12 year old Single Malt
43% alc/vol

This Speyside Distillery is located in Dufftown, Banffshire Scotland.

It has a light Amber that comes from the Sherry Oak Casks and the its age but is perhaps hot as dark as a Macallan.

Medium body that typically comes with a 12 year scotch whiskey.

Distinct smell of honey.

A bit syrupy with a combination of oak and sherry.

A very nice warm finish that carries its flavors nicely.

The Cigar

Rocky Patel's Decade 10th Anniversary Cigar - Purchase Cigar

Has a nice walnut brown color that comes from the sungrown Equadorian Sumatra wrapper.

Pre-lit Aroma & Taste:
Rich earthy with nice spicy taste.

The draw was perfect which I am always amazed from a box pressed cigar.

Flavor & Taste:
This cigar has a very pleasant spicy, peppery taste. I am not a big fan of that taste but as always Rocky Patel does it just right. The flavors last through the whole cigar and make for a wonderful smoke.

Scotch & Cigar Together

This is probably the first time I have taken the time and attention to tasting a scotch and cigar together. What I found is that this cigar actually made the scotch flavor more pronounced. In particular the oak and sherry flavors started to really present themselves and made the smoke and the scotch a very enjoyable experience.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And another blog begins ....

A Blog appears to be THE method of giving opinions, and sharing experiences on with like minded individuals these I figured why not give it go!

Cigars are a great passion to share on the internet. Understanding the wide ranging and fast changing world of cigars is part of the enjoyment of cigars. I was told many years ago that there are only two kinds of cigar smokers….those that wish to learn more about cigars and wish to speak to someone else who will share information…and those that know a lot about cigars and enjoying speaking to some else who enjoys their passion. So this blog is for all cigar smokers.

I understand there is always something to learn about the pleasures of cigar smoking. From my long time participation in this great business I have a feel for where cigars have been. From my contacts in the industry and seat next to a cigar ashtray outside my walk-in humidor I have a feel for where cigars are today….but I’m always on the hunt for answers and clarity to better understand where cigars are going next….My aim is to share my observations here as journey continues….

As a novice fan of wine I've discovered many similarities between good wine, spirits and cigars. Country of origin, blending, vintage, specific vineyards, the subtle nuances on the palate, and the wide selection to name a few. There a far too many cigars to smoke them all and too many wine and spirits to taste them all. So I say the FUN is in the Hunt! Happy smoking and sipping to all.

When time permits I'll post my opinions on these topics sometimes combining the two.....why not? Cigars and wine make life more fun!