Friday, May 29, 2009

Havanna Nights - Fundraiser

The Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse held a "Havana Nights" Fundraiser last night and Rocky's supported the event with a booth selling cigars. The event was held at the home of SU Assistant Basketball coach Bernie Fine and his wife Laurie. They kindly opened their home to hundreds of guests in support of the Boys and Girls Club. The night featured a fashion show, poolside bazaar, a Cuban band, salsa dancers, plenty of drinks and food and of course cigars. Rain was a threat all night but we told the crowd to smoke cigars it's a natural rain stopper!

The crowd of about 350 was ladies at a rate of about 4 to 1, which made selling cigars a bit tough ....until the free cocktails furnished by my cigar-mate and liquor rep Bob Fiore kicked in. Little by little the ladies broke down and had some fun smoking cigars. We stocked some smaller smokes like Acid C-notes just for this occasion, and the female smokers were eager to partake.

Mark " Buda" Cowlin, pictured, took care of cigar set up and sales and as always worked the crowd and had fun doing it. He brought me a Liga #9 from Drew Estate and I must say it really is a special smoke, more on that in another blog.
The guys who attended were enjoying our selections of Padron 1926, Mac Gold, Romeo, and Ashton VSG and we enjoyed brisk sales, but things got interesting later when some genuine cigar babes stopped by to cap their night. These gorgeous women selected a few sticks from Drew Estate and showed real skills in lighting their cigars. One girl said she had worked at Bistro 238 back in the day it was a Syracuse cigar showed, she really could handle a cigar torch.
Our night was winding down at this time and these girls were headed to the pool to dangle their toes in the deep end and enjoy their that's an invitation that could have been trouble. But what is was for me was a nice finish to an excellent fundraiser as I headed home to wind down and call it a night.

This was Rocky's first hook up with the Boys and Girls Club, but we look forward to being involved again in the future.

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