Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Padron 3000

Padron 3000
5 1/2 x 52

The work cigar of the day is the Padron 3000 natty - fresh from the humidor display box. The 3000 is ever so slightly box pressed. By that I mean you can still tell its round, but when you roll it in your fingers it gives of just a hint of the four edges of a box press. Visually the corners are there, but again just slightly. Construction is perfect. Smooth from head to foot, typical in Padron appearance, slight veins, not too rough. Cap is perfect. A quick snip with the cutter, blast from the torch and I'm off and puffing. The taste of this cigar is a bit woodsy, with cedar notes. Aged well in the box I'd imagine imparting the nuances of the cedar packaging. I'm working, but if I could get to a deck, porch, or boat I'd be in heaven smoking this cigar, the woodsy taste just makes me think outdoors. I've yet to taste a Padron that wasn't an excellent smoke and I think this brand's reputation is well noted.

Reviewers before me have called this full-bodied, but I think by today's standards I would grade this as medium. I don't think I'm alone is the feeling that my tastes have become more demanding, and what was once full is now medium. The Padron Series 3000 and 2000 are a few of our best selling cigars in the humidor. As I reach the nub of this one it's no wonder why.

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