Monday, May 4, 2009

Ashton #10 Maduro Review

Dave B.

Ashton #10 Maduro

Since I began my new career as a cigar reviewer, I must say my nights at work have become much more enjoyable on the slow evenings. Tonight I'm smoking an Ashton #10 Maduro to take me to closing time at Rocky's Cigars. It's a Sunday so it's a bit quieter than most nights and for now I'm at peace to enjoy my favorite wrapper, Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. The wrapper is a bit veiny in my fingers. A close look reveals a few leaf veins running diagonally around the cigar, none so large as to be a nuisance, just a perfect example if the great maduro leaf. Visually a tasty first taste after the light was excellent no bitterness as I sometimes notice for the initial torching. The ash develops a nice speckled gray/white pattern of color. I notice in the first inch the burn is a perfect circle, as you should expect from a cigar from a maker the quality of Ashton. After a bit of a rush in the store I had to relight my cigar as is often the case while I smoke on my shift. But no matter, the re-light was just as tasty as the first draw. I saw none of the sticky bitter juices gathering at the cut as in my experience can occur on a re-light relight. I finished this cigar enjoying a smooth flavor from foot to head. The maduro is from a gentle natural fermentation, the dark rich color is all tobacco no colorings added. I find the Ashton Classic to mild for my taste but this Maduro offers me the step up in flavor that I desire in a good smoke.


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