Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rocky's Cigars "Back Deck" Cigar Social

Rocky's Cigars held the first Cigar Social of the fair weather season last night on the outdoor deck of Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville, NY. The cool temps- May 11 and only in the mid-50s- did not deter 25 cigar smokers from lighting up a San Cristobal by Don Pepin Garcia, and sampling some excellent Single Malt Scotch. The "Scotch Babes" handled the tasting and I have to say the surprise of the evening was the Scapa single malt. I enjoyed the unique flavor of this scotch. It is made without a few common techniques found on most Single Malts. Namely the malted barley used in Scapa is completely un-peated. It lacks the smoky character often associated with Single Malts. Its very clean and refined with the subtle flavors of Malt shining through.

The first time smokers of the San Cristobals were impressed with the balance of Don Pepin's blend. Truly a work of a cigar master. Full-flavored without being overpowering. To me that is "cubanesque", showing off the nuances of the tobacco without any harsh, bossy punch. Our restaurant host, Dennis Sick, made sure the smokers had their fill of lite bites and snacks on the deck, and since the food on the menu is stellar he was rewarded with about 16 folks staying enjoying dinner and cocktails in the Blue Dining room. Since one success breeds another we will be holding another "Social" in June the date is TBA.

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