Monday, May 11, 2009

Tabak Especial by Drew Estates

Toro Negra

Shape: TORO
Country of Origin: NICARAGUA
Length: 6 INCHES
Gauge: 52
Wrapper: MADURO
Flavor: COFFEE
Filler: LONG

The first thing you notice about a Tabak Especial is the nearly open end at the foot. The stick looks like it just came of the roller's bench. The unique foot doesn't look too out of place considering the odd packaging used by Drew estates. Each box offers up the cigars laid out in a bed of tobacco leaf shavings, or small bits. Its like a nest of tobacco and its a cool look. So as I mentioned the rough looking foot seems appropriate for this cigar. The second thing you notice is the hint of coffee in the tobacco. I don't know what it is but coffee in my view is a nice flavor for a cigar. The Java by RP comes to mind, tasty. This cigar is another tasty treat if you're looking for something a bit different... The lighting went better than expected. I was concerned the loose end would create a loose leaf burn but it quickly evened out. I'm impressed with the flavor of this cigar, and this time I'm referring to the tobacco flavor, it's just intense enough to not be considered mild. The coffee infusion does not overwhelm the total profile of this cigar. But the aroma is pleasant, like the aroma of coffee in your house when a pot is brewing first thing in the morning. I smoked this in the evening and enjoyed until the very end... but this would be an excellent morning cigar in my view.

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