Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Partagas Black Label Man Cave Sweepstakes!

Cigar smokers have to check out this cool promotion from Partagas. Partagas Cigar is running a sweepstakes giving away a $10,000 "cigar cave" to be built in one winner's house. Call it what you will, a "man cave", smoking room, its a free make over in the home of one lucky cigar smoker-why not you! To close the deal and get your entry selected you've got to impress the judges however. They'll want to read, or view your creative plea for your own "Man-Cave" and they will pick the one guy they feel is most deserving so get creative to make yourself stand out in a smoke filled crowd- pictures or video will help. For smokers in Central New York you can enter by purchasing a four-pack of Partagas Black Label cigars at Rocky's during our Partagas Black event Thursday 6/18 from 4pm-7pm or by visiting http://www.partagascigarcave.com./ If you're legal smoking age you're eligible to enter the contest.

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