Wednesday, May 16, 2012

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

Size: 4.7 X 60
Shape: 660
Origin: Dominican Republic
Body: Full
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra Sungrown
Binder: Dominican Ligero
Filler: Dominican Ligero
Smoke Clock: 45 mins

It was a beautiful day at Dwyer Memorial Park; the birds were singing, children were laughing and scurrying around, and I was relaxing at a peaceful picnic table by the trees with an excellent stick of burning leaf as my companion.

Upon placing a flame to my La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero, I experienced a hefty amount of spice and peat. I was also able to tell immediately why they call this cigar full bodied. Fortunately, the body only made itself known and did not overwhelm, giving the first light a thick quality that I really enjoyed.

As the first quarter of this cigar developed, I noticed a light cashew note as well as a smokey camp fire quality to the profile. These supported the big oak notes that dominated the first quarter and set an excellent foundation for the profile to evolve from.

While the profile developed, I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of the ash left behind. It is milky white with only small blotches here and there. This was a delight to the eye, revealing the high quality of the tobacco in this stick and heightening my enjoyment of the overall experience.

Drawing my attention away from the silken ash, the second quarter was transformative, covering my pallet with emerging coffee and cedar notes. The flavors in the profile began to merge and became deep and complex as they blossomed together into something completely new and unique. By the time the third quarter began, I could hardly distinguish one flavor from the other because they had melted together so beautifully. I became transfixed and fell into the sweet depths of this blend.

Cars pulled up and unloaded or picked up people as I remained lost in the depths of Double Ligero. Then a shift occurred. Subtle chocolate notes emerged just before earth notes took dominance in the blend. This shift was slow but enticing, drawing me out of the beautiful stupor that the second quarter sent me into.

This cigar set me down easy, resolving nicely by maintaining the body, but slowly mellowing out on the flavor. With evening drawing near, I tasted the coffee, earth, and chocolate notes ones more before setting down this beautiful experience.

As people packed up for the evening and I watched the sun set over Little York Lake, I couldn’t help but feel thankful for days, and cigars, like these.

Presentation: 7/10 – Simple and attractive band. Predominantly black and gold with some red behind the “LFD” to give the letters dominance. Nice design.

Appearance: 9/10 – The wrapper was oily, toothy, seamless, and dark with minor yet consistent splotches. No flaws or cracks were to be found. To say this cigar is mouth watering to behold is an understatement.

Construction: 33/35 – Firm throughout with only the slightest give towards the head. The draw was comfortably open given the dense pack. The only issue I had in this category was the uneven burn. It never became a serious issue but to describe this cigar as even burning would be like saying the Eiffel Tower is a cube.

Flavor: 43/45 – Wonderfully complex and infinitely interesting, but a slight bitter note crept in just at the end.

Overall: 92/100 – Mouth watering to behold, very well constructed, and wonderfully complex, this full bodied beauty is a cigar that should not be missed.


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