Wednesday, May 16, 2012



The ILLUSION MJ 12 MADURO is a complete Nicaraguan Puros. Puros is a complete cigar where all parts of the makeup are from the same country or plant. The wrapper is a Nicaraguan Maduro and the binder is also Nicaraguan. The filler is pure Nicaraguan broadleaf. I’m looking forward to smoking this stick.

With what has become my signature, I light my cigar with a piece of cedar. Slowly warming the foot I gently begin to draw on this complete Nicaraguan cigar. After the first couple of puffs I come to realize this is a medium blended cigar and I’m seriously surprised. The Maduro leaf is not as poignant and is leaving me in shock. It’s not that it’s not enjoyable but it’s a surprise how smooth it tastes. The other flavors I pick up are chocolate and a slight oak. At halfway the cigar is smooth and spicy but not enough to warrant a glass of something to wet my whistle. The construction and burn is good and the plume of smoke is solid white. Coming to the last third the cigar has begun to get a little stronger in strength and is finishing well…

The ILLUSION MJ 12 MADURO is a pleasantly surprising smoke and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enjoy a new experience. Buy it by the stick or buy it by the box you won’t be disappointed…

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