Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CAO Osa Sol Lot 58

                       CAO OSA SOL LOT 58

The latest stick from CAO is the OSA SOL LOT 58. A Nicaraguan/Honduran blend wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf binder with an Olancho Agustin wrapper from a 2008 crop will make an interesting review because I’ve never had this type of wrap. The last new cigar from CAO was the LA TRAVIATA and that was an awesome smoke.

           After punching my cigar I’ve decided to light my cigar with my trusty Xicar dual flame torch because I’m feeling lazy. At first draw the cigar tastes a little green but I hope it will work its way out. A quarter of the way in the green taste has smoothed out and is being replaced by a woodsy and cedar flavor. The strength is light to medium and has surprised me. The size is 58 ring by 6 inch long and that is why I thought it was going to be a little more towards the medium to full range (kind of expected it to be the same strength of the La Traviata). A third of the way in the burn is even and the ash is still attached do to the excellent construction I’ve gotten used to from CAO. The flavor has improved and it is now showing a little of spice. A little past a third and the ash has finally fell of and stayed together, lucky for me because it fell on my shirt, the plume of smoke is almost gray and the spice has definitely become more noticeable. With two thirds gone the stick has turned out to be a good smoke but not what I would normally smoke. The finish of this cigar has once again surprised me in that it stayed light to medium and spicy.

           The CAO OSA SOL LOT 58 is a good smoke for someone who is looking for a light smoke with a medium finish. I recommend trying it and hopefully you will enjoy it.

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