Wednesday, May 16, 2012


                                   FLORES Y RODRIGUEZ  by PDR

                      The FLORES Y RODRIGUES  is the next venture by PDR. This cigar is a Dominican Puro consisting of Dominican habano Vuelta Abajo blended filler with a Dominican habano wrap and a Dominican binder. The cigar size is 58 ring by 6 and ¼ in length.

                         Since my last review I have changed my cut to a punch and am enjoying it a lot better. I light my cigar in my normal fashion using a piece of cedar and take my first draw. Right away I’m hit with a full mouth of spice and a woodsy flavor. There is also a leathery presence is noticeable and it has an excellent burn and draw. With every exhale the plumes of smoke fill the room and leave a great aroma in the room.
A third of the way down the ash is full and fluffy. The spiciness has subdued and the smoke has smoothed out to where if someone who doesn’t like an overabundance spice will like the end result. Unfortunately the burn has become uneven but it is easily correctable.
The “woodsyness” is more dominant and the leathery presence is still holding. At the halfway point the spiciness has definitely taken a back seat to the overall woodsy and leathery presentation. The great plumes of smoke are still overwhelming the room and the burn has straightened out. This smoke has turned out to be a great smoke. I have less than a third left and the only problem is that the remainder has become to hot to hold so I have elected to use my trusty tweezers to finish this stick.

                           The FLORES Y RODRIGUES  is a surprisingly great smoke from PDR. I would highly recommend smoking this stick and will hopefully do so again. The FdR comes in a Habano wrapper and a Habano Maduro so enjoy both…..

                                                                     Thanks….the  Cigar Guru    

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