Monday, February 20, 2012


This cigar was a completely new product to me. An interesting blend with a Connecticut shade wrapper and a size that is good for a tasting,

Lighting my cigar with my usual process of using a piece of cedar I draw in my first taste of this well constructed stick. I notice a hint of cedar and a little nut flavoring telling me that this might be a gem in the rough. The light shade wrap is giving me the impression that this cigar is going to be light but I will keep an open mind.

At halfway the strength has stayed consistently light and the cedar flavor has taken over and is making for a good smoke. The ash came off about 1 third of the way but it has burned even and not to hot. The ash is the color of a grey storm cloud and the plumes of white smoke fill the lounge.

With 2/3 gone the strength has picked up a bit and is leaving me to classify this as a light to medium smoke. The usual taste of green I get from most lightly wrapped cigars is not present and leads me to believe that this company has the right blend down to compliment the lighter wrap.

The NEW WAVE CONNECTICUT BRILLANTES is a good cigar for someone that smokes an ARTURO FUENTE or an Ashton. I recommend that if you want to try this cigar that you get, if available, the 4 pack sampler…

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