Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Along with the Liga Undercrown Drew Estates this year released another cigar and it’s called MY UZI WEIGHS A TON. The UZI is a formidable stick in that it only comes in a 60 ring.

The UZI for this review is the size that I like, 6 inch by 60 ring. As with every review I light my stick with a piece of cedar as to keep the flavor true, and then draw in my first mouth full of smoke. The flavor right away takes me by surprise. I was expecting to have the same taste of a Liga but the first thing that comes to mind is an oak flavoring followed by chocolate. Accompanying these flavors is a slight spiciness and is telling me that this is a completely different direction that Drew Estates is taking. The draw and burn are excellent and the white plumes of smoke are slowly taking over the atmosphere in the lounge.

As I get a third of the way in the ash is attached showing no signs of faltering. The solid white ash is thick and its only contrast is the red glow of the cherry when I draw off the stick. At the halfway point the taste has stayed the same but the spicy flavor is a little more apparent. Also the ash is still attached and is showing off its great construction.

The experience of smoking a totally new blend for Drew Estates is always an adventure and never a letdown. With a third left the spiciness is consistently getting more dominate and is making my mouth water for more. I really don’t want this to end and probably won’t.

The UZI is one of the better smokes I have enjoyed this year. Drew Estates once again has not let me down and is making great strides into the non-infused market. So with a smile on my face and burnt finger, from smoking it too short, I give this new cigar realistic thumbs up and say if you can get them buy them by the box… thick smoke and long ashes…

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