Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Foolin', that's a tasty Maduro

When a fellow “Brother of the Leaf “strolled in who I hadn’t seen in a while we caught up on his new job and his new born Girl and enjoyed an after lunch cigar. My choice for our visit was an Oliva Series G Maduro Robusto.

At 4 ½ x 50, it was typical in length and ring but as with most Oliva cigars there was nothing else typical about this cigar. First, in appearance it was box pressed, but not subtly. These are some serious squared off sides. It hangs a bit different in the mouth with these edges, but nicely so. The same holds true for how it feels in the fingers. The dark wrapper was a Connecticut Broadleaf, not veiny at all with a rather sweet, but woodsy aroma.

The lighting went as good a one would expect, one wooden match did the trick and the foot was hot and ready to burn. A neat, even black ring quickly developed and I was not disappointed in the burn for the entire smoke, it was even, slow, and steady.

As we talked and laughed I got a floral taste every so often, along with a woodsy flavor. This stick was smooth from foot to finish. Along the way I enjoyed the nice very white ash that delveloped and I noted the amount of smoke was not overwhelming. The Oliva Series G Maduro Robusto is a nice 20-25 minute cigar.

My friend Frank was enjoying a Rocky Patel Connecticut, a cigar I am eager to get to in the near future. As our conversation slowed my cigar reached its end and happily it was no more than a nub when I doused it with a few drops from my bottled water.
The weather up here made a mad dash into the 60s...so its outdoors to enjoy the sun, as outdoor cigar season can only be just around the corner.

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Cuban-Seed Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan Habano


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