Friday, April 4, 2008

There’s “Nub”-in else like this cigar

I had my cigar buddy/barbeque chef Mark plunk down two Nub Cigars at my back table in the store the other day. It was about 3 pm and I’d been there since 5am so taking a cigar break from the days activities didn’t take much convincing. Mark offered me my choice of wrappers- Connecticut or Cameroon- since this is African Cameroon, the real thing; I took full advantage of the proposition and was I happy with my Cameroon choice. New ideas- genuinely new ideas- don’t come along all that often in this business and the notion of the “Nub” cigar intrigues me.

I was eager to get an up-close look at the 464 Rounded Torpedo (there is a 4x66 Box Pressed version available in the same wrapper). It’s extreme in most measures, short, fat, dense, heavy, and perhaps best of all flavorful. As I took a close look I could see the open end was jammed with tobacco, it appears more so than a cigar of a typical ring gauge. The wrapper was first rate in color, lack of noticeable veins, and perfectly finished at the torpedo point. As a Torpedo I had the advantage of clipping the end quite easily and I wondered if the large round heads on the 60, 66 ring gauge versions would need a bit more care to clip so nicely.

I used my standard two match stick grip to get this baby lit and while the cigar was not completely ignited at first the end quickly took on an even and complete burn in less than a minute. This may not be an indoor cigar for many smokers as I noticed right away this stick gives off a lot of smoke, likely due to the extremely large ring and dense packing of tobacco. The flavor was mild, with a medium amount of tobacco flavor. I could taste a nutty and sometimes piney flavor coming through. The taste of the smoke repeatedly registered on the back of my tongue.

At the halfway point this cigar continued to impress me and the flavor got richer from mid-way on. One of the unique features of a Nub as explained to me by the company rep was that these are so dense that they can stand on the “ash end” upright even after the mid point. Well I had to see and to my surprise its true- my cigar stood on its almost 2 inch ash.

You get the idea from this photo from the Nub Cigar site

At just 4 inches this is no quick-smoke. After about 45 minutes I was only half way through the cigar with plenty of ammo left to be smoked.

This cigar lasted longer than I had time…at about 75 % smoked I doused it to move on to some pressing issues, like getting home….but I know that I can’t wait to try another NUB.

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