Monday, October 24, 2011



This ALEC BRADELY PRENSADO is the biggest ring that this company puts out. The measurements are 62 ring by 6 inch length. The wrapper is Trojes Honduras, binder is Nicaraguan and the filler is a mix of Trojes Honduran and Nicaraguan. This cigar is the closest to the size I normally smoke. The Prensado is the higher end smoke of ALEC BRADELY and is compared to the PADRON 1926 as a cheaper alternative.

The ALEC BRADELY PRENSADO DOUBLE T is rated as a bold smoke and due to the size may not be for everyone. The 62 ring is very intimidating and will give the illusion that it is a lot of cigar. The Double T is a thick ring and should be punch or V cut if not familiar with this size. I like to use a piece of cedar to light all my first time cigars to get the purest initial taste.

At initial light I warm the end and begin to draw on this big stick. The first taste of flavor I get is a woodsy nutty blend. The draw is good and the flavor is smooth. This cigar starts off with medium strength and promises a great smoke. It tastes like a Prensado torpedo and has the same strength and draw. The smoke from my exhale is white with a hint of grey. With each draw the flavor begins to dance around my taste buds and gives me flashbacks of the first time I had a Prensado. As I draw the red from the glowing cherry gives the smoke an ominous color to the exhaled smoke. About a third of the way in the medium strength begins to change and become bolder. The double T is still burning evenly and the draw has not changed. For as thick as this cigar is it is still a pleasure to smoke.
At the half way point the Double T has changed completely to bold and the flavors a more distinct, A lot nuttier flavor than when it started it has captivated my palette. The ash is still attached and is thick and shows no signs of falling off. The smoke is thick and is filling the room which makes me glad I choose this cigar for the night. I’m two hours into this smoke and down to the nub.
The Double T has not disappointed me and with less that an inch left on this smoke I can still hold it in between my fingers. It’s not hot and is still burning evenly. The flavor is still there and after two hours the ashy taste has stayed away.

The ALEC BRADELY PRENSADO DOUBLE T is a great smoke and I recommend that if you like a big cigar to try it. It is well worth the cost and worth the time to smoke it. If you’re a fan of ALEC BRADELY you need to have this in your humidor and enjoy it with your friends….

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