Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Flor Domincana Double Ligero 452 Maduro

La Flor Domincana Double Ligero 452 Maduro 4 x 52 Wrapper, Filler, & Binder: Nicaraguan Here is another cigar that follows the current trend of short, powerful, cigars. This cigar like the Nub, is designed to provide the flavor, taste, and duration of a larger cigar, while shaped as what might be termed as a "robusto gordo", short and extra fat.

This cigar has a rough look to it, but not overly veigny, its a dark maduro wrapper in color, visually a nice start to this cigar. My experience says to anticipate a full- flavored tsunami in this short cigar , I shall see shortly. My ignition goes fine, well light, and the ash begins with a typical ligero look, grey and white speckles mixed into small waves of ash.

The first taste is just as Litto intended when blending with Ligero....full pedal to the metal flavor. The Double ligero is definitely adding an extra kick of taste on this cigar. By all means this is full bodied , but like a well made cigar it lacks harshness and bite.

This cigar is only 4 inches and I'm impressed with the way its rolled. I took several repeated hits off this and the smoke never heated up. The cigar was a cool as an 8 inch Double Corona, again in my view nicely constructed. The flavor actually improved as I got to the middle of this cigar, and it stayed lit although I was forced to retire it to the ashtray several times during my sampling. The ash held up nicely which is common in cigars of this style.

I'm taking this cigar to the nub, I might be looking for a toothpick to smoke this to an obscenely small nub because I'm an unabashed full flavor guy and this is the real deal. If you've got a taste for flavor and like being taken to the limit but don't have a lot of's a fine choice of cigar.

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