Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rocky Patel 1999 Connecticut

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 is a Connecticut smooth smoke

Rocky Patel has made a name for himself selling full flavored, big strength cigars.
But I wondered what the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut would taste like, considering the wrapper alone should create a taste not found in its more full-bodied brothers.
In appearance, the RP Vintage 1999 is a beautiful stick. It’s the wrapper that is the star here. I must admit I love the look of great Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper. When the best of this leaf is put on a cigar it looks so good I’d rather frame it than smoke it! This cigar is just that pretty.
The leaf is a flawless Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper, and today the “genuine article” is harder and harder to find as makers seek out Connecticut shade grown from other regions- either so save money or change taste- but the wrapper of this high a grade that is grown in the Connecticut River Valley is a treat on any cigar. The box boasts that this leaf has been aged 7 years- all the better.
The wrapper color is so golden it’s almost yellow. It’s smooth as silk with almost nothing but the finest of small veins. Certainly this is one pricey CSG leaf. Double cigar bands of white bands with gold lettering against a perfect wrapper enhance the look of the RP Vintage 1999.
The blend, in keeping with RP‘s trend contains Ligero for flavor, both Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero long fillers bunched in a rich Nicaraguan binder. Think smooth, but flavorful. What a combination.
The cigar does not disappoint. I sniped a smart V-cut into a gorgeous double cap. The lighting was a simple, perfect burn- even, and slow. The ash had that common look of Connecticut shade, gray and black with less white than you may prefer, but as mentioned it’s the way the wrapper burns.
Once past the first inch or so the cigar began to taste a bit nutty, and lightly creamy. A typical result when CSG is the wrapper. This continued right through the stick. I only put it down because the nub got a bit hot. The upside of this cigar is that it’s a great mild stick- the downside it’s not a typical big-flavor RP stick. So if you enjoy milder smokes, this is an excellent cigar. I’d add if you enjoy Rocky’s more full-bodied blends, buy this one in singles from your local before you buy a full box, just in case it’s too mild for your palate.
Simply put this is some smooth smokin’ cigar.

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