Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pinar Del Rio Sun Grown Toro

Size: 6 X 50
Shape: Toro
Origin: Dominican Republic
Body: Medium
Wrapper: Habano Sun Grown
Binder: Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan
Rocky’s Price: $7.79

Before I lit this guy up, I decided that it was going to be a movie and a cigar night. I hopped over to Netflix and streamed “The Fisher King,” and I have to say that this cigar is a great movie watching companion.

This cigar has a gorgeous band. Red, gold, and black with some green tobacco leaves surrounding the crest containing the cigar’s name.

The wrapper is a lovely brown/gold/red and has a beautiful oily sheen to it. Running my fingers along it, I discerned no bumps, just smooth as silk.

Lightly pressing and rolling the cigar in my fingers it feels extremely solid with very little, if any, give anywhere along the stick.

Pre-light aroma was subtle and simple, earth and leather notes co-mingling in the nose.

Drawing on the cigar revealed a wide open draw and left some sweet earthy notes with raisin quality to them.

Upon lighting this cigar, I immediately noticed caramel and pepper in the blend. A little bit of a surprise based on the pre-light ritual, but pleasant none-the-less.

Throughout the first quarter, the flavors remained relatively subtle. The pepper faded remaining present mostly through the nose, allowing caramel notes layered over leather notes in (what seemed to me) the mild-medium body of the smoke to take over.

Leather notes took the front seat a bit in the second quarter. At this point I took note of the even burn a consistently gray ash. The ash held on strongly, not willing to drop off until nearly the half way point of the smoke. Nearly three inches!

Arriving at the third quarter I didn’t notice a lot of change, the dominant flavors remained caramel and leather. Towards the end of this section, a slight bitter note crept in, which was a little unwelcome.

The finish was nice. Some earth notes crept their way in, which was a surprise since they had been hiding for the majority of the smoke up to this point. The earth, leather, and caramel all working together at the end made the finish very tasty, despite the bitter background that hung around through the end.

Overall, I like this cigar. The caramel and leather were mellow and soothing throughout the smoke with the pepper adding a slight edge to the experience. Pepper was most present at the start and then through the nose after that. I found the body to be more Mild-Medium than Medium-Full.

This cigar has a lot to offer: excellent construction, near perfect draw, delicious flavor, and a body that won’t send your world spinning. Personally, I prefer a more complex smoke, but a good straight forward smoke like this definitely has its place. If you enjoy a consistent and flavorful cigar with a body that won’t send you reeling, this is your smoke.


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David Huber said...

An amendment to the review: I just had a great time with the guys at Rocky's during the Pinar Del Rio event and smoked three more of these cigars over the course of the evening. Something about this cigar that inexplicably escaped me during the first stick is the great deal of smoked wood present in the profile of this cigar. Everyone present agreed that there is an overall "camp fire" presence in the flavor profile which we all enjoyed. This smokey presence defines this cigar with every other note bowing to its presence.