Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rocky Patel Decade Toro

Size: 6.5 X 52

Shape: Toro

Origin: Honduras

Body: Medium - Full
Wrapper: Equadorian
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan

Smoke Clock: 1 hr

It was a rainy day in the park, but that wasn’t about to stop me from enjoying a fine cigar. I took refuge on the porch of the Pavilion housing Cortland Repertory Theatre (where I’m working for the summer), and went to it.

That day it was the Rocky Patel Decade that I had brought along with me, a cigar that I eagerly looked forward to.

Passing the stick beneath my nose, I detected oak and cedar notes with some underlying leather and peat. If the pre-light aroma was any indication, this cigar had the makings of a refined and relaxing smoke. I snipped the foot and drew, tasting sweet alfalfa on the palate with a light amount of pepper on the lips.

Eager to dive in, I lit up and was rewarded with light spice and sweetness, complimenting what seemed a definitive bbq flavor at the start. This opened up in the first quarter, exhibiting those oak, cedar, and leather notes which were detectable pre-light. A caramel note emerged towards the end of the first quarter, complimenting the wood notes in a subtle yet specific way, like the smell of a freshly dipped caramel apple. Coffee and chocolate notes also began to emerge and mingle with the already tasty profile.

The second quarter was slowly overtaken by the coffee and chocolate notes, supported by caramel with cedar and leather remaining firmly in the background. Rolling smoke through the nose revealed a pure compost note which was otherwise undetectable on the palate.

Rain continued to spatter the ground as the third quarter began. The coffee notes continued to overtake the remaining flavors in the profile with chocolate remaining a strong supporter. Caramel notes slid into the background but remained present and enjoyable through the end.

This was a nice relaxing smoke which fit perfectly into my dinner break from work. Smoking the Decade provided me with exactly what I needed then, a bit of calm relaxation on an otherwise stormy day.


Presentation: 2/5 – I’m not a big fan of the bands on this stick. There are three of them, but only two carry a consistent color and design theme, which appears a bit under thought and lazily designed. The third band is so far from the other two in color and concept that it almost appears to be an afterthought which someone on the line thought might be a fun addition. Oh well. You can’t win ‘em all.

Appearance: 4/5 – The wrapper, on the other hand, is beautiful. Dark, consistent, oily, and seamless, this stick is a delight to the eye.

Construction: 40/45 – This stick is very firm with a soft spot at the head. The draw was pretty good, but I did feel like I was tugging at times. I experienced a few runs, but none required a relight as the cigar fixed itself.

Flavor: 42/45 – Simple: Sweet earth, chocolate, coffee, and caramel dominate this tasty flavor profile. Very pure flavors which I found to be relaxing and very enjoyable.

Overall: 88/100 – This cigar was a solid smoke, very relaxing, and quite tasty. I’d recommend picking one up to give it a try.


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